Local Community Networks

This project is about installing a local network for the communities in Togo. A local network is a computer system that supports, enhances and expands available social links using technology and computer hardware.

In the case of our project, we are using innovative hardware with advanced and low-cost technology such as: Raspberry Pis, solar panels and the open source software (MAZI).

We have adopted the techniques of “design thinking” and “Do It Yourself” for our workshops, allowing members of the different communities to create prototypes of local networks that reflect the local culture and their specific needs.

The data of a local network is generated and consumed in the same place.

Overview of possible applications

Here an overview for the possible MAZI software applications to install on the local network. 


We will use this overview to introduce the technology to the community. The outline was designed and created by a member of our team in order to show the possibilities of the technology to the local communities, which will be implemented on the networks.