Here you will find our articles on the processes, methods and results of the workshops with our three communites. 

Have fun reading!

The first workshop

During the first workshop we got to know the communities and established their individual needs.

The second workshop

Amid the second workshop, we examined the specific needs of the communities.
We assembled their existing knowledge about  local networks and the Raspberry Pi.
Further on we discussed which content they’d want to upload onto their local network and which MAZI applications would be suitable for them.

The third workshop

The third workshop we used to familiarise the communities with the hardware of the Raspberry Pi and the open source MAZI software.
The goal was to minimise their reservations and fears about the technology and to generate concrete content together with the communities.

Miadé. Local Community Networks Atelier 1 ©Local Leads

Workshop 1

The aim of the first workshop was to get to know our three communities better, in order to understand their needs and wishes and the

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Miadé. Local Community Networks Atelier 3 ©Africa Coworkers

Workshop 3

We have now successfully completed the third workshop with all three communities. The third workshop was about unboxing and installing the technology together with the

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