The communities

The three communities, which you can discover down below, are at the heart of this project.They make the created local networks unique platforms due to their commitment and individuality. Because of the collaborative form of the network, the given access to digital technology and promoted engagement in development but also the possibility to express the uniqueness of each community, they can provide the sustainability of this project. Read more about them here:
Miadé. Local Community Network. ©Local Leads

Kantata -
Case des Daltons

Kantata brings together a large variety of artists. Its members, who are dancers, writers, actors, painters, etc. get together at the cultural center Case des Daltons. Here they promote their own artworks, for example in form of exhibitions, concerts or readings, but as well the Togolese culture, advocating the protection of it and of the environment, often using and reusing recycled materials for their works.

Halsa international

Halsa International, a non-governmental organization, is dedicated to the care of the children that live on the streets in Lomé. Since these children have very limited access to digital technology and education, Halsa is looking for innovative learning alternatives.In our project we are working together with teenagers, which are part of a reintegration project, exploring the possibilities of using the local networks to help them find a way back into their families and to integrate themselves into the world of employment.

Africa Coworkers

The community that calls themselves Africa Coworkers is a group of young entrepreneurs whose vision is to make entrepreneurship different through innovation and collaboration. It brings together young entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship candidates from various sectors of activity, such as agriculture, e-commerce, technology or crafts.The local network is an opportunity for them to share their learning and extend their passion, experience and commitment to development. For the members of this community, it is important to invest in their country and contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

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Miadé Local Community Networks Ecosystem Map

Conclusion of our project

For the time being our project has come to an end. Our project partner, the GIZ, is continuing a second phase of the project together

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Miadé. Local Community Networks Atelier de création virtuelle démocratique ©Kantata

Kantata’s first own workshop

After organizing all the workshops with the communities, they are now well prepared to use the local network for their purposes. Kantata as the first

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