Conclusion of our project

For the time being our project has come to an end. Our project partner, the GIZ, is continuing a second phase of the project together with local lead locals.

This project was about the empowerment and reinforcement of local communities in Lomé, Togo. We used participatory design and co-creation methods to serve the individual needs of each community. With our project we wanted to support local networks and tech skills as well as raising the level of tech expertise of the community members, so that they can create and use the low-cost and open source infrastructures.

Within the course of our project we have completed three workshops with three communities.

During the first workshop we got to know the communities and established their individual needs. In the second workshop we examined the specific needs of the communities and discussed which content they would want to upload onto their local network and which MAZI applications would be suitable for them. In the third and last workshop we installed the local network with the communities, minimising their reservations and fears about the technology.

You can have a look at our ecosystem map illustrating the structure and goals of our project.

Considering the success of our project so far,we would really like to continue this project with other communities. We are currently working on a concept for a follow-up project.

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more about this project you can reach us by sending an e-mail to intex-sek (at)

Miadé Local Community Networks Ecomap
Ecomap of the project
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