Workshop 2 – Africa Coworkers

In consideration of the hygiene conditions, the second workshop was held in community centres in town.
And we equipped the communities with hand washing “stations” and hand sanitizors.

The goal of ur second workshop was to identify the communities’ problems and challenges and to introduce the participants to the functions of the Raspberry Pi.
Together we established possible content and the application that can be used for its distribution according to their needs.

Since we gained such different results from the first workshop, we adapted the process of the second individually for each community .

The process of the workshop

Considering the existing backround knowledge in digital technologies, we could already include a broad overview of the Raspberry Pi into the second workshop. We also talked about the applications which can be used with the software and even collected concrete ideas for possible content for their local network.

The Ice-Breaker games we played in the beginning of the workshop with the participants were “La toile” (The Canvas) and the “Jeux de similarité” (The Game of Similarities).

(You can read more about these games in the article of “Workshop 2- Kantata” and “Workshop 2 – Halsa”.)
A “Back to the future storyboard was our chosen design thinking method to establish their ideas for possible content, which we also used for the Halsa community.

The following questionnes were asked:

If you could project yourself 2, 5 or more years into the future…

  • Where do you see the project of the local networks? 
  • What do you see yourself contributing to this future and what are you gaining from it?
  • To which programs, trainings, information or content will you have access to at Africa Coworkers?
  • Which topics do you want to address in the content of your entrepreneurship?
  • How do you think you could reach more countries with this project?
  • What kind of content you think would be helpful to achieve and secure financial independence?

The results of the workshop 

The workshop with the Africa Coworker community achieved good first results, together with the participants we were able do crystallise first concrete ideas about possible content for the network.

Africa Coworkers would like the possibility of exchanging photos, videos, podcasts, links and articles on their platform.

The members want to contribute as much content as possible. They would like to share their practical competencies, information about the possibilities of financial support, the access to the employment market and they would want to accomplish those goals by working in a collaborative manner.

The essential needs of the community that were determined, were though to improve their  own abilities in the wished for content. Meaning their practical expertise, gaining more knowledge about personal development, entrepreneurial leadership, financial opportunities and possibilities on the job market.
Though the participants also said, they would enjoy to also use the local network for entertainment purposes.

The local network should support them in their collaborative work, in expanding their united and individual projects and help promote their entrepreneurship.

They want to be able to access the network from a distance, from at home and of course from their community centre.
In conclusion, Africa Coworkers came up with many ideas and content in the second workshop and got very excited about realising this project.



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