Conception of Workshop 3

After having finished the second workshop with our three communities, we started the evaluation of the second and the preparation of the third workshop. 

In order to do this efficiently besides the distance (between Togo and Germany) we worked together with a Miro-board. Miro is an online platform where you can create and share whiteboards with your colleagues so that you can work on them simultaneously. Thanks to this platform, we were able to gather ideas and suggestions for the creation of the third workshop together.The objective of our second workshop was to identify the problems of the communities and connect them with the functions of the rasberry pis and it gave us good first results and concrete ideas of contents. We can now include these ideas in the creation the third workshop.

In the preparation of this workshop, it was therefore important to reflect on the second workshop in order to be able to improve any aspects that can still be improved.Our collaboration on the Miro gave us very clear goals for the third workshop. With the third workshop we want to create a better understanding of the technology and the approach of the project. Anguish and reservations about technology must be eliminated and we would like to establish the first contact  with the rasberry pis. In addition, we want to start creating contents together with the communities. We also decided which MAZI applications are suitable for which community.

We are now well prepared and looking forward to organizing the third workshop with the three communities, which will happen in the last week of august..



Here you can get an insight into our collaborative work with the Miro board.

Miadé. Local Community Networks Conception de troisième atelier ©miadé
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