Mask Sewing Workshop with the children of Hälsa International

Miadé. Local Community Networks Couture ©Local Leads
Miadé. Local Community Networks Couture ©Local Leads

Just recently our Team in Togo organized a workshop for sewing face masks with the children of the Hälsa community. 

The workshop was conducted by our Local Lead Victoire, Ousia (also one of our Local Leads) who took the photos and Nora, who works for the GIZ Togo and who was present for the logistics. The workshop lasted from 9:30 a.m. to about 1 p.m. and was held at the Hälsa Community Centre. We worked with 8 children from Hälsa International and three coaches which were animating the children as well as Mr. Kévin FIASHINOU (Hälsa Team) who is in charge of the centre.

We learned to sew pleated masks by hand, respecting the AFNOR standards, this  reminded us once more, why we have been wearing masks for those past months. Which lead to a discussion about the importance, the usefulness and the efficiency of these masks. We talked about why we prefer this model to others, also about why we consider the AFNOR standards as the most efficient and useful standards. Together we established what we will remember and keep in mind as lessons or values throughout this crisis. All the children of Hälsa International decided they wanted to continue respecting the barrier measures against Covid19, keep their patience to learn an occupation and to maintain their concentration, will, determination and a dutifulness in general. 

The workshop ended in the early afternoon in a joyful atmosphere! We took a “family picture” with the masks that we made.

We will also publish a tutorial video soon, which is still being developed. 

Thanks to Victoire, Ousia and Nora for holding and creating this workshop and thanks to the community of Hälsa International for participating!

Miadé. Local Community Networks Couture ©Local Leads
Miadé. Local Community Networks Couture ©Local Leads
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