Technical Managers of Africa Coworkers

Each community has chosen technical administrators who are to oversee the management and procedures regarding the technology used in the project.
 Africa Coworkers decided for two technical managers: Marie TCHEOU and Épiphane DZISSEAOVO.


Miadé. Local Community Networks Marie TCHEOU ©Africa Coworkers

Marie TCHEOU is the client manager and social fund programme manager at Africa Coworkers. She has a degree in sociology and is passionate about arts and culture. In her free time she enjoys music, swimming and photography.


Miadé. Local Community Networks Épiphane DZISSEAOVO ©Africa Coworkers

Épiphane DZISSEAOVO is CIELTEL manager and head of the Rural Entrepreneurship Program and Urban Micro-Projects. He is a trained geographer and passionate about ICT and DIY. His hobbies are tennis and going to the movies.

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