Miadé. Local Community Networks "Coudre un masque AFNOR" chez ©VICKY CREATIONS

Video about the mask sewing workshop

The video about the mask sewing workshop is now ready. Have fun watching!

You can also click here to read the article about the mask sewing workshop with the children of Hälsa International.

Miadé. Local Community Networks Marie TCHEOU ©Africa Coworkers

Technical Managers of Africa Coworkers

Each community has chosen technical administrators who are to oversee the management and procedures regarding the technology used in the project.
 Africa Coworkers decided for two technical managers: Marie TCHEOU and Épiphane DZISSEAOVO.


Miadé. Local Community Networks Marie TCHEOU ©Africa Coworkers

Marie TCHEOU is the client manager and social fund programme manager at Africa Coworkers. She has a degree in sociology and is passionate about arts and culture. In her free time she enjoys music, swimming and photography.


Miadé. Local Community Networks Épiphane DZISSEAOVO ©Africa Coworkers

Épiphane DZISSEAOVO is CIELTEL manager and head of the Rural Entrepreneurship Program and Urban Micro-Projects. He is a trained geographer and passionate about ICT and DIY. His hobbies are tennis and going to the movies.

Miadé. Local Community Networks Miadé Project, Gbedema-kogbe ©Kantata

Technical Managers of Kantata

The communities each chose a number of technical managers that are responsable for the use and function of the technology used in our project. 

The Kantata community chose three technical managers: Madje Markus SOUSSOUKPO, Charget Zododo EKUE and Gbedema-kogbe Ami Mawunyo Lina. 

Gbedema-Kogbe Ami Mawunyo Lina


Charget Zododo EKUE

Miadé. Local Community Networks Miadé Project, Gbedema-kogbe ©Kantata

Gbedema-kogbe Ami Mawunyo Lina is the CEO of the organisation “La Petite Folle“. Where she organises photography workshops with nationally acclaimed photographers. She is also the first stand up in Lomé (The Colours of Laughter).

Miadé. Local Community Networks Madje Markus SOUSSOUKPO ©Kantata

Madje Markus SOUSSOUKPO is a comedian and narrator of the Togolese society. He is currently the technical administrator of the Théâtre de l’Oxygène and the screen supervisor of the theatre group of the Club Unesco-Student of the University of Lomé. He also organises workshops and cultural events where he is  sharing his experience. 
You can visit his website here: https://madjemarkus.wixsite.com/surscene

Miadé. Local Community Networks Charget Zododo EKUE Gbedema-kogbe ©Kantata

Charget Zododo EKUE is a film director, photographer, modeling coach and decorator.

Miadé. Local Community Networks Atelier 3 ©Africa Coworkers

Workshop 3

We have now successfully completed the third workshop with all three communities. The third workshop was about unboxing and installing the technology together with the communities. Our aim was to diminish fears and possible reservations towards the applied technologies. Our approach was to familiarise the participants with the hardware, one of our local leads had the applications chosen by the communities onto the Raspberry Pi installed and gave a presentation with all details. A general understanding for the technology could be secured using the Unboxing-method. We have installed suitable applications on each of the three communities’ raspberry pis that match the individual needs of each community.  

Hälsa International


Africa Coworkers

The Hälsa International community has now got the following three applications on their raspberry pis: Nextcloud, Lime Survey and Guestbook. 

With the help of these applications the community members can establish their first contact with technology so that they can learn how to use it. Through these applications the community members get access to digital and technical education which may enable social participation. 

Together with the Kantata Community we have decided on four applications that should be very useful for the specific needs of this community. Kantate community members now have access to Nextcloud, Etherpad, Guestbook and Lime Survey though their local network.They can use these applications to increase the visibility of the centre, by advertising projects and events, such as concerts or poetry slams. They can also develop digital exhibitions and organise events through the possibility of coworking.

For the Community members of Africa Coworkers we have also chosen three suitable applications that were installed on our raspberry pis:  Nextcloud, Etherpad and Lime Survey. The community members can use these applications for working collaboratively and exchanging information and inspirations, such as articles, photos, videos, podcasts, links or blogs. This could enable the community to create a larger variety of educational programs.