The communities

The aim of our community network project is to support, augment, and extend existing social networks. These existing social networks can be found within Togolese communities. We chose three different communities with which we are carrying out the project together: the “Kantata community”, the “Africa Coworkers” and the “Halsa International” community.

Kantata-Case des Daltons

The Kantata community is made up of artists of all kinds – artists in dance, art lovers, amateurs and artists in literature, slam and comedy, or music. 

The members of the Kantata community go to the cultural centre to attend concerts, exhibitions, reggae nights, dances, shows and other organized activities.

Halsa international

Halsa International is a community of teenagers and youth from the streets with very limited access to communication and technology and who are looking for innovative learning alternatives.

Africa Coworkers

Africa Coworkers is a community of young entrepreneurs whose vision is to make entrepreneurship different through innovation and collaboration. It brings together young entrepreneurs and candidates for entrepreneurship from various sectors of activity, such as agriculture, e-commerce, technology or crafts.

Miadé. Local Community Networks Atelier 3 ©Africa Coworkers

Workshop 3

We have now successfully completed the third workshop with all three communities. The third workshop was about unboxing and installing the technology together with the

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