Miadé. Local Community Networks Conception de troisième atelier ©miadé

Conception of Workshop 3

After having finished the second workshop with our three communities, we started the evaluation of the second and the preparation of the third workshop.  In

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Why Miadé?

Miadé means “with us” in éwé, which is a language spoken in southeast Ghana and Togo. 

The word Miadé matches the aim of our project – bringing people together through technology.

A project by GIZ and DFKI 


The goal of our Local Network project is to support, increase and expand existing social networks, using low-cost hardware networking technologies. Our aim is to create sustainable local networks with a high amount of community participation in order to reflect the local culture in the network content. Local networks can enable community members to participate in an increasingly digitalized world, open up future prospects in various areas of employment and provide opportunities for various groups in society to play an active role.